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Where my real site is

March 11, 2010

WordPress is really resisting my efforts to change my website info in my universal wordpress profile.  Eventually, I hope it will eventuall, and when you click on my name in comments on other blogs, it will take you here instead:

Until then, I am sorry you skipped a step!  Everything posted here (minus this post) has been imported into the other blog.


Recognizing Spring

March 8, 2010

I walk out the door,
bracing by habit for the
chill that never comes.


March 8, 2010

I hate to watch you drift,
De-purposed and lost,
Heavily bouncing,
without intention,
Falling by accident into places of gravity,
Like “isolation”, “selfishness”, “love-sick”, or “college.”
You disavow your sacred charge to choose,
and fail to see that this is choice enough.
The world is, for you,
Formless and empty again,
Waiting for a word of creation.
This time, you must speak it.

Your mouth is closed, though.
Sealed against risk,
sealed against pressing despair.
Your mouth is closed,
And so formless and empty the world remains.