Sonnet No. 2

February 3, 2010

A steady, constant sense of being us,
More firmly formed each day that passes by,
A greater love now mixed with greater trust,
Two arcs, we press still closer ’till we die.

Together you and I walk hand in hand.
We’re fueled by joy, but may be taught by pain
So that with greater strength we make our stand,
And may our faith and hope, our love sustain.

Although we know not where may lead our way,
And know not how the Lord may choose to bless,
We walk in faith together day by day,
And faithful love remains our greatest stress.

Dear Kelly, friend, my lover and my wife,
Tomorrow holds the best years of our life.


One Response to “Sonnet No. 2”

  1. stevepvc Says:

    I should note that this was my valentine’s Day poem for Kelly. Don’t try to use it for your own lady friends unless you change the name.

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